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July 20, 2004


Kimberly Ann Kubalek

I love this! Thanks for posting this great information.

All of my businesses now use registered email. It's already saved us grief.
No more wondering if our client got the email (and in an interesting twist,
we can now prove our efforts to cease and desist the email STALKER
who has bothered one of our employees for way too long!).

Thanks for the great tip!


Read receipts work only about 5% of the time. Most email services such as hotmail.com etc do not activate such a trigger.

If you want to send your email registered consider a professional service like www.rewpost.com. Found this site pretty straightforward

Registered Email

You also should mention that rewpost.com is free.


readnotify.com does NOT work in Outlook, Thunderbird etc etc if the 'show images' setting is disabled (and let's face it - what dummies would NOT disable that setting).

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Here is a alternative tool for registered email : try it just add .en.notifmail.com after receipt email. Please feed back about this service

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REWpost.com requires you to add "register@REWpost.com" in the "To:" or "CC:" fields. You CANNOT BCC this address, thus the recipient would see this.


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