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September 17, 2004



I've given both A9 and blinkx a good try out over the last couple of weeks. A9 is fairly good. I already use Amazon and also IMBD for movie search. It's great for searching images. It's quite simply designed and has the same Amazon feel. I wasn’t overly impressed, it’s something I might use on occasion when looking up images. Blinkx on the other hand surprised me very much. It searches all files and documents on my computer, MP3s, email, web, news and video. It's altogether a smart little application. It took a while longer than A9 to get used to all the features - but well worth looking at.

Alice Carrol

I tried google desktop, Lookout, A9 and copernic, and Blinkx is by far the cream of the crop. It uses implicit query, finding similar material on the web, in your email, or on your hard drive, then sorts it. It uses the new “smart folders” concept to automatically index any documents you view into folders by the way you set them up. not to mention p2p- nice knowing you, kazaa...

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