You're reading the blog of the Gate 3 WorkClub. WorkClub is an emerging concept in new work community - a ubiquitous network of workplaces - close to whereever you are, where members can find whatever they need to be productive in their work; beautiful spaces, technology and people. For more info on Gate 3 WorkClub, see

This blog is a forum where leading WorkClub proponents can share their ideas with all interested in realizing the WorkClub vision.

Contributors by Department

Contributors to this blog include:

WorkClub Development

Neil_sEdited by Neil Goldberg, CEO and founder of Gate 3. During two decades of designing innovative environments, furniture, products and systems, Neil has always focused on achieving harmony between form and function, purpose and delight, putting the end user at the center of the design process.

Tech for Work

Me_glasses_2_b_sqEdited by Edo Amin, an Internet personal tech writer and coach contributes "news you can use" on new technologies and novel ways of using them. Amin has been a freelance for a couple of decades, relying on personal technology and reporting on it. You can reach Edo at 415.738.0442, read more about his web work mail on, or

Work/Life Balance

Edited by Patrice Curtis, a Researcher / Analyst who practices the art of online and offline research for businesses and automates her internet searches as much as possible so as to leave time for doing other things she cares about. Patrice is using her techniques to uncover items of interest for cross referencing, then adds comments. You can reach Patrice at 510.665.1725 or go to CurtisResearch.