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January 30, 2005



So sorry to hear it...I was rooting for you. If you were on the other side of the Bay I'd work there in a heartbeat.

N. Pomeoy

I'm sorry to hear this too. I was hoping it would take off, and I be able to use it in the South Bay/San Jose area.

This was really a great idea; I would have joined *easily* if it weren't an hour longer commute to Emeryville than it is to work. :)

I recently lost my home office to my newborn child, so I'd want/need it now more than ever.

Jeff De Cagna


I'm tremendously disappointed for you. I think this is a great idea and I don't even live in the S.F. area. I know that this is the last thing you want to think about right now, but you might want to try and pitch this concept in a geographic region that has more of a commuting culture such as the Washington DC area where I live. I think it could be huge here.

David Herbst

I'm not sure, but one possible blockage to your success might be the IRS tax code regarding offices.

If many of your target audience work from their homes by dictate of their company or as self-employed, they are entitled to write off the "at-home" office costs. If they have access to another office, however, I believe the "at-home" office deduction is not allowed.

I believe the exception is if the office is in excess of some (?) miles distance from the "at-home" office.

Check with your CPA.





Greetings from Singapore.

When I first read about this concept, I thought it was an extremely good idea and wished that it existed in this part of the world.

I am disappoined that it could not take off.

Best wishes for your future,



I echo the thoughts of the others. You've got a great concept and good follow through...are you willing to fight for it? Something as significant as you are attempting to do won't come without a cost. Don't give up now just because it doesn't meet your "runway" length. Keep flying the plane, and it will clear the treetops.

Heath Row

I'm sorry I scooped you! I figured it was safe to blog because we'd talked about an entry -- and because you'd emailed members already. Kudos on an awesome project. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!


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